Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A poster that got bashed by some people... i still love it and here it is on my blog.

This was one of the directions i proposed for my HVP awareness campaign that i'm designing... if you have an opinion about it... good or bad... do me a favor and comment on it


Francesco Giroldini said...

it's a really strong image, and I think if it makes people angry and sparkles dialogue, then it works.

jmo0828 said...

Being that I have had cervical cancer and as a graphic designer, I feel I am more qualified to speak on this image than most. Jihad, it is powerful. This is a subject that should go for shock value, because that may be the only way to get people to really pay attention. Strong composition, graphic, modern subject matter (even down to the details of the trimmed pubes and the tattooed skinny man), simplicity in design, all things I love. The thing that may cause the most controversy (well, the whole thing is controversial, but...) is the Christ-like pose over the vag. What was your intention on that? In a sense, it almost reads "abstinence" because of this, which I am not sure is what you were trying to get across, and not how I would broach the subject, because of course, that is unrealistic, but then it may not have been your intention, and more of a happy accident, in which case can make it a little stronger because it still leads people to think. Regardless, I give it two thumbs up and a big fat You Rock.

jihad lahham said...

the idea was "don't let your lust be you death"... a guy dying on a vagina... now the crucifixion came about because of the shape of the vagina that happens to look like a cross... and even though i knew that it might have been misunderstood by Christians... i thought to myself "well i suppose Christians aren't my target audience cause the bible prohibits random sex anyways, you have to be married to have sex IF you are a true Christian"... well that turned to be wrong... apparently it isn't a big issue anymore... somebody overwrote god's will in the bible and now sex is practiced even before marriage. but bottom line, there wasn't any intention to make the guy look like the Christ.

BTW since you mentioned being a graphic designer, i'd like to take a look at your stuff if you have a website or if you have posted on your blog :) peace

Friends of Enemies said...

hello jihad, my name's matteo and i am working on a graphic design publication. could you please contact me at:


thank you.

Lindsey Lydecker said...

Jihad i miss you and I agree with Francesco. This is a powerful piece and can probably be formed in so many different ways depending on who is looking at it. I wish you would post more work sir :)